Jowett + Jowett are proud to be Approved MCS Registered contractor, the official renewable Registration Body for the United Kingdom. 

We specialise in the design and installation of photovoltaic systems (solar PV), Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP), Ground Source Heat Pumps(GSHP), Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR), Solar Thermal. We undertake work for a wide range of clients including – homeowners, businesses, local authorities and those in the private sector covering the South West. 


Renewable Technologies 

Jowett + Jowett are proficient in the Design and Installation of Renewable Energy Systems, such as:


– Air Source Heat Pumps

–  Ground Source Heat Pumps

  • – Biomass Boilers
  • – Solar Photo Voltaic 
  • – Solar Thermal

These can be attached to your current heating system or used stand alone to provide heating to your home and will immediately help to reduce your energy bills.


Jowett + Jowett have gained extensive experience fitting renewable and high efficiency systems for House Builders, Housing Associations and the Private Sector. We are also MCS and Green Deal Accredited allowing you to benefit fully from Government Grants including the Feed in Tariff (FiT) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). You will need an MCS certificate and must have a Green Deal assessment before applying and any public grants, such as RHPP will be deducted to avoid double subsidies. 


Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps

An Air Source Heat Pump supplies significantly more energy than it uses, therefore lowering fuel bills as well as helping to reduce the impact on the environment. From ground source to air source, Jowett + Jowett will specify the correct heat pump for your project.


Heat pumps work by extracting the inexhaustible free supply of solar energy stored naturally, whether in the ground or air, and utilising it for domestic heating and hot water. Air source heat pumps require no digging or drilling, and few plumbing connections are used during installation – making them a cost effective option.



Biomass boilers can replace oil or gas boilers to heat hot water, radiators or underfloor heating. They burn logs, wood chips, wood pellets or other forms of biomass, which is fed from a large hopper site near by. The most advanced boilers are fully automatic and control the amount of fuel/air supplied to the combustion chamber – as a result they are highly efficient and emissions are low.

If you have space, manufacturers recommend a hopper that’s big enough to hold a years supply of fuel, this minimises transportation and delivery costs for fuel, as well as work for the owner. Maintenance is minimal, although you will need to clean it and remove the ash once a month. If that isn’t possible due to space or budget, you can get wood pellets delivered on pallets of 10 kg bags to manually fill a smaller hopper.


Solar Thermal

Jowett + Jowett design and supply a complete, ready to install package comprising the solar hot water cylinder, solar panels and ancillary components. Our specification is based on:


  • Hot water demand
  • Orientation and angle of the panels
  • Amount of over shading from trees and surrounding buildings.

Solar energy is a free, unlimited resource that produces no harmful emissions and requires no transportation or supply pipelines. Solar panels are suitable for pitched roofs, flat roofs and garden structures (as long as the distance between the solar panel and cylinder is practical).